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eSELECTplus is an easy-to-use, multi-functional application that leverages a PC and web browser to process card payments. Getting started with eSELECTplus is quick and easy, and there's no software to install. eSELECTplus is so versatile that it can be used throughout your organization to increase efficiencies and save money. 

  • Customers can securely purchase goods or services on your website.
  • Call centre employees can process one-time card payments or set up recurring payments quickly and easily while the customer is on the phone.
  • Reception desks can process both credit and debit card transactions for customers who want to pay for goods and services in person.
  • Operational employees can upload batch transactions to run at convenient times.
  • Warehouse employees can view processed transactions and ship goods as required.
  • Management can view sales in real time from anywhere via the Internet. They can also set up user IDs and track performance.
  • Finance employees can view online reports by various criteria, query current or past transaction activity, export data into existing accounting  software and manage eSELECTplus administrative functions.