Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal module allows your business or organization to accept credit cards over the phone, by fax or through the mail and obtain authorizations quickly and securely in real time over the Internet. The Virtual Terminal module is easily accessible using most current web browsers and all transactions are processed securely. This solution is ideal for businesses that operate in call centre or order desk environments.


Reduce errors and lost sales.
Transactions are authorized in real time, while your customer is on the phone.

Improve cash flow.
Receive payment from your customers faster and have access to your funds within two business days

Increase sales efficiencies.
Multiple users can sign on and process transactions on different computers at the same time.

Track employee usage easily.
Management can assign access to employees based on their role, then track usage to ensure accountability.

Reduce fraud
Integrated eFraud tools such as Address Verification Service (AVS), and Card Validation Value (CVV) help identify potential fraudulent transactions before an order is fulfilled.

Real time e-Commerce transactions can be sent in a variety of ways. The first determining factor in how the transactions are handled is whether you intend to purchase an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. The SSL certificate encrypts the credit card information. An SSL certificate can be obtained from a Certificate Authority such as VeriSign, Entrust, Thawte and a variety of other Certificate Authorities.

If you do not intend to purchase an SSL certificate we offer a solution called the Hosted Paypage. The Hosted Paypage is a generic web page that is hosted on our secure servers. When you use the Hosted Paypage certain information will be passed to it from your web store using an HTML form. From this information a page will be created, with your company name on the top, where the cardholder can securely enter their credit card information. We then process the transaction and handle the response.

If you intend to purchase an SSL certificate or use a web hosting service that provides one you can use one of our APIs to connect to the gateway. APIs handle the transmission of the transaction from your website to our transaction gateway. APIs are available in a variety of languages: COM, .NET, PHP, PERL, JAVA, ColdFusion and HTML post (DirectPost).